Yiya it gets more and more! The retouching after the expulsion of Survivors


Dew Flowers and Yiya

May 11, 2020
(13:36 CET)

As you well know those who are following closely this issue of Survivors, Yiya it has become one of the protagonists of the reality. She and, above all, their hairstyle. And is that there were a few that stayed with open mouth when they saw some days ago that the contestant and took off the wig.

If there is a chain that must lead to limit the contestants of their realitys that is Telecinco. And of course, taking into account that the situation on the beaches of Honduras is not easy, to Yiya he proposed to take off the wig to change to be able to talk with your partner.

And, just like you did Ana Maria Aldón, the proposed raparse the hair to change three dishes cooked, the contestant said yes. Telecinco already had what I was looking for, Yiya live without the wig. Obviously, it was very commented in the social networks.

Yiya without wig

Yiya gets more

But be careful because it seems that the contestant has opted to give a twist to the situation, and, once expelled, has chosen to wear a wig with even more hair than the previous one and that, as we have seen, it seems that has not gone unnoticed in the networks.

In fact, the comments have not been precisely a few. On the contrary. There have been many that have been of stone, first to see Yiya with this new wig, and second by checking that the contestant decided to put an extra one in your suitcase.


They note, as they say to many, “that is very pretty”. The comments have been of all kinds. On the one hand, those who focus on the aesthetic: “This is better”, “I like this, makes you be more beautiful”, “I’ll stick with the other one.” or “With the two is very pretty the truth”.

On the other, those who have opted for, how, not, to criticize it: “As you know that is already expelled, or put on a new wig or no one speaks of it” or “What do you gain from role has this woman please” are some of the comments in this regard.