Zoe Kravitz posts a picture of youth of Lisa Bonet that shows how much he looks like his mother


Hollywood actors have been the most tender to congratulate their respective progenitor for the Mother’s day. And Zoe Kravitz, who is still waiting is resumed shooting ‘The Batman’ while in quarantine, you must miss yours.

Lisa Bonet it away from your eldest daughter while he remains in confinement along with her current husband, Jason Momoa, and the two children have in common. Maybe because of this distance must Zoe has been nostalgic and has laid hold of the family album to post a photo of his mother in his youth.

It amazes how much you look like both actresses. Next to the beautiful photo Zoe Kravitz has put “mom, my everything”. Momoa, who usually replies to all the publications of Zoe, has responded with emojis of hearts. And is it that this family can’t love yourself more.

Insurance that interests you:

The moment is surreal in which Zoe Kravitz met Jason Momoa (‘Aquaman’) alone at 16 years of age