A politician from the U.S. mentioned the concert of Travis Scott of Fortnite as a possible way to make campaign


Fortnite has forever changed the video game industry, and especially the way to understand a title’s multiplayer. The battle royale of Epic Games it has become a giant who has made all kinds of events and proposals that no one would imagine a couple of years ago.

The last great madness has been Astronomicalthe concert in-game, the famous rapper Travis Scott. By means of a representation of himself in Fortnite, the rapper sang several of their songs in the midst of a spectacle of lights and sound effects.

The event swept in terms of spectators, more than 12 million people witnessed the concert and this curious way to promote themselves has attracted the attention of more than one. One of the first in hailing the ingenuity of Epic Games has been a democratic policy of the united States that has commented on the potential of this type of events.

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Lisa Smith, a consultant to democrat, commented in an opinion article for The New York Times a theme that round more and more each day between the american society: the death of political campaigns in traditional and the need to be updated to reach a wider audience.

In direct relation with the topic, Lisa said the following: The collaboration of Fortnite by Travis Scott is a truly creative to reach out to more people. If we could do that with Joe Biden (candidate for presidency)… We could have music content exclusive to some of the musical artists more large in these events, by directing the eyes to the convention for people to see it. Any variety will be better than what we have been giving to the people until now, who are three hours of speeches robotic very on-message politicians.

Therefore, who knows if Fortnite will inspire the way in which we develop the following election campaigns or other events. Advertising and marketing might search for shapes similar to the modus operandi of Fortnite.

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