A valuable lesson has she learned the daughter of Halle Berry about her hair


This confinement is to serve for parents to spend an amount of time incalculable with their children. A few unique moments that, otherwise, would be lost, and in which both parties are learning a lot. Halle Berry has confessed that her daughter, Nahla, just to learn a lesson after being too careless with the care of your hair.

The actress stepped in as a guest, from your home, in the program of Jimmy Fallon. And it was there, in the ‘The Tonight Show’where told how his two sons have done long sessions in the pool. Something that requires, then, a special care with the hair to not be damaged by chlorine and / or tangled. This latter is what has happened to the greatest of its children, and has had some disastrous consequences, but that will take more care and be more conscientious with their routines ‘beauty’.

What we explain. Berry narrated the presenter how his daughter noticed that his hair had turned into a real tangle in the back of his head. “Mom, I’m afraid to tell you this, but it touches the back of my head”, were the words of alarm from the girl. “All his hair, reaching below the shoulders, it had shrunk and become a tight ball, tangled,” explained Halle, the situation to which it had been. “I couldn’t even poke your fingers and she was screaming“, he added.

So, the first option was to anoint the head of Nahla with conditioner. It didn’t work. Is the only way out? Shave the entire area so that the hair will grow back strong, healthy… and without those enredones impossible to undo. Your daughter doesn’t liked it, but did you see that I had learned two valuable lessons with this battering.

“First of all, maybe you should let your mother help you. And in the second place, learned that you should brush your hair every day“says Berry that made him see Nahla. Without a doubt, a very positive way to address the drama capillary of these dimensions and that you’re not going to forget small in all his life.