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The step of crises like the one that we currently live by, the health emergency of Covid-19always leave great lessons, and one of them is the importance of the forecast for one to enjoy a secure future.

The theme of the insurance is so extensive that in a single article would be impossible to give a broad view of its importance, but on this occasion, we will talk about the great lessons that he leaves us this pandemic protection issues.

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Eloy López Jaimes, director of Forecasting, Comprehensive Financial, we spoke of the importance of having insurance for this type of events we do not grasp unsuspecting.

– What lessons did we stop the pandemic Covid-19in topic insurance?

“The most important thing is that the things that can affect our health and our life can happen from night to morning and hold on to unsuspecting financially. This type of event are economic impact uncertain. So, the lesson is that financial forecasting integral should be part of our life,” said the expert with more than 25 years in the field.

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We asked Eloy López Jaimes if it is possible to start from scratch and how we can take the first step, the expert revealed that it is important to protect, first of all, of those crises that could affect our ability to continue producing money.

“We must begin by protecting what that have to do with my person, for those who take care of anything that might affect my health and my ability to continue to generate some income. The medical expenses and life insurance are the two basic types: the first protects me from that, when you get sick, does not necessarily imply the loss of my heritage and the second (life insurance) protect me from a total and permanent disability that no longer allowed me to continue working and obviously protect me from premature death.”

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-If our finance were affected in this pandemic, what types of insurance you must contract to start with our protection, once all things are stable?

“The above-mentioned, the insurance of medical expenses and life insurance, in addition to creating an emergency fund and insurance savings,” said López Jaimes.

Although this topic seems very far from our reach, what is certain is that when it is started generating income, it is of vital importance to secure them.

– Do I have to be a millionaire to have an insurance?

“No way, today more than ever insurance are accessible for a larger part of the population. For example, I give you a quick estimate: a man of 30 years can hire a life insurance with a sum of one million pesos, to 10 years, with a cost of 4 thousand 500 pesos per year”, revealed the expert in insurance.

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Talk about insurance could be uncomfortable for many, because it touches on subjects such as disease and death, however, are crucial for a good financial planning. If you already have a medical expenses insurance and one for life, what more can we do for us?

“Have a safe for retirement, without a doubt. Think about all the people of the third age today I had to live this situation. This, say other experts, is an exercise of what could be our future because we will not be generating income and must have a savings to support that situation,” said Eloy López Jaimes.

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“It has been shown, as we said before, that an unexpected situation can make us sick or gravity kill us. And both situations would have a negative effect on the heritage that has taken us a lifetime to create, as many times we have to get rid of it to regain our health, or our family must sell in the event that we die. There is to be prevented,” he concluded López Jaimes.