Adolescents nigerians that they record their own trailers for ‘House of Paper’ and ‘Jumanji’


Rely on “the movie magic” to convert a truck into a Porsche, an old washer in a complex panel of controls, or a few tubs of ice cream on a pair of headphones. Reinterpreting videos that have become viral on the networks with the objects more worldly, they have got montages that add up to multiple millions of views. The Ikorodu Bois have learnt by imitating music videos of well-known artists, nigerians and movie trailers from Nollywood, as it is known to the film industry of Nigeria. When you have put in your point of look at the promotional video of the latest installment of the saga Bad Boys, or of the fourth season of The House of Paper, Will Smith or Alvaro Morte (“The teacher”) they have surrendered to the ingenuity of these comedians in nigeria are difficult to classify.

“We want to show people that you can not put limits to the creativity, that you can be whatever you wanna be, if you believe in what you do and you’re creative. For us that is the key and we try to overcome our limits,” he explains on the phone Tunde Sannithe older brother of two of the actors in the recreations and “the brain behind the group”. The three protagonists of these reconstructions does not add up still 40 years old. In the videos are the brothers Malik and Muiz Sanni, 10 and 15 years, respectively, and his cousin Fawas Aina, of 13 years. In the shade is Tunde Sanni that his 23 years, not only mounts the video but also manages one of the keys to the success of this initiative: the social networks. The Ikorodu Bois are present on all platforms, although have made Instagram one of their main tools, your account roza 600,000 followers.

Ikorodu is the nigerian city from which the group takes its name, locality, medium situated on the banks of the lagoon of Lagos. That places it right in front of the most populated city in Nigeria and across the continenta true black hole city that absorbs the personality of Ikorodu and becomes little more than an outpouring of megaurbe. Tunde Sanni knows that if it were not for the visibility they give social networks the phenomenon Ikorodu Bois would be impossible. “We can only give thanks to all the leaders and founders of social media platforms,” says the eldest of the brothers and sisters with conviction, “because they allow us to share our content, show our potential and prove to people what we are. If it were not for social networks, oh my god!, we’d probably be wandering the streets.”

The freshness of the proposal of these teens is what has been captivating first users to nigerians who have been its main audience until the recognition of international artists has become a global phenomenon. From the courtyard of his house, with instruments you have at your fingertips, with the reconstruction intentionally homemade costumes and characterizations, with the graphics of the videos and movies reproduced on posters out of cardboard and with a huge dose of ingenuity to find the vis comic, this group of comedians from the TWENTY-first century have come to establish their own style.

Started in 2017, responding to the challenge of another successful “comedian on-line”. “I almost did not remember the first video, because a long time ago, but I do remember our first viral video,” says Tunde Sanni. “We imitate a video that had become very popular,” explains the protavoz of the Ikorodu Bois, “in which Kanye West danced to a song from a musician in nigerian” it was a scene recorded by the musician and representative of artists in nigeria Bankulli in which the rapper american Kanye West it started spontaneously to dance to the theme Immediately the also nigerian Mystrowhen I was in Uganda filming a music video. “People liked that Kanye West was doing that”, continues to Sanni, “especially being in Africa. He spoke of the video, it was a big surprise to us and, suddenly, it became viral. The people began to call and the content was circulated a lot on social networks. We saw that he liked the people and decided to follow that line, imitating celebrities, viral videos, music videos, and movie trailers”.

So have been put on the skin of artists nigerian very popular in the country and in the international arena as Dremo, Zlatan or Fireboy DML or as Burna Boy or Davidobut also in that of some stars of the panorama of the rap, hip hop or trap, from Chris Brown up Justin Bieber or Roddy Ricch. Prior to the successful recreation of Bad Boys, the guys of Ikorodu also dared with the trailer Jumanji and in the land of celebrities giving their particular homage to Kobe Bryant. Despite the fact that the reinterpretations of the group of adolescents nigerians have a touch of comedy and accustomed to replace the luxury cars of the original videos by trolleys and the fabulous houses, buildings half-built, the eldest of the brothers insists on the respect with which they face their reviews. “We do not intend to ridicule anyone,” says Tunde Sanni, “or the way each one behaves. We believe that everyone is in their right to express themselves and show the world how it is. We use the things that we have at our disposal and if you want to pass a message, you do not need to have great things, to make original videos. As if what you have on hand is a truck and you are able to simulate a Lamborghini. But we do not intend to ridicule anyone, we just want to show our creativity.”

One of the successes of Ikorodu Bois has been that some of the characters that have been imitated have ended by recognizing their talents and helping the dissemination of your videos and your initiative. The rapper american Roddy Ricch, retuiteó the recreation of the music video of your song The Box, and has been placed in almost five million views on Twitter. The response of the apportionment of The House of Paper has helped the most recent piece of Ikorodu Bois has overcome quickly the two and a half million reproductions the microblogging network. The clearest example of this support has been from Will Smith. The american actor shared the reinterpretation of the trailer for Bad Boys in your account of Instagram and has been reproduced more than 7.2 million times.

“We have received many messages of motivation and some criticisms”, says Sanni. “With the video of Will Smith, for example,” he continues, “we were very pleased and obviously we are very grateful. My mother showed us so much love.” Tunde ensures that other personalities have also shared your content and have talked about them and that, together with the attention of some mediathat has allowed them to have a large audience, but also acknowledges that they have received criticism. “I don’t think that are critical to creativity,” he says strips it of importance, “there are lots of people who likes to criticize and there are a lot of people also wonder what they are doing, these young people, when they started, where they have gone. Sometimes people criticize us because we dress like girls being guys, and there are people who fails to understand the reason why we do this.”

Tunde Sanni, “the brain behind the Ikorodu Bois” share what is motivation of the group: “Our dream is to be Hollywood actors, and with the help of God, we will be able to realize the dream”. The largest of the group, appeals to the creativity, time and time again, is their main argument, which complete with innovation. “I believe in the perseverance, in the possibility of improvement, in the confidence in what you do, in that with creativity, you can get them to do what you want and you can attract the attention of people without great means, that you can take advantage of the Internet with imagination. This is how our videos have been changing from 2017”, values Sanni. Beyond the personal goals, the largest of the Ikorodu Bois also believes that her experience conveys some of the messages: “We wanted to demonstrate what young people can do. We have used our resources and our tools to pass a message to the people: even in the slums there is talent”.

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