Becky G rectifies and do not publish their collaboration with Omar Montes?


Tired of having no new news on the topic set between Becky G and Omar Montes, many users of Twitter have decided to launch questions about the collaboration directly to the singer. For luck of someBecky has finally responded with a tweet that, despite its short duration in the network, has had a great impact.

The topic set that had been announced a long time ago it seems that finally you will not see the light as he stated to the interpreter of ‘No Pajamas’ on his Twitter account. When one of his followers asked about the publication of the song, the artist responded strongly that I would not do something that is not in line with their ideals.

“I record. Is do songs. But even after you get a song, if after something indicates that it is not in line with my ideals, just not approved. So simple”, this was the message that the american left in a Tweet from the social network before he decided to delete it shortly after. Although, of course, in the case of a celebrity of their significance, many were able to read it in time, and even, answer.

The first speculations on the decision of Becky arose with its publication. Everything points to actions or alleged gestures of machismo Omar Montes have been the reasons by that the artist was not in tune with the singer of Blessed Bread.

Although, on the other hand, disturbs the fact that the reguetonera if you have shared topics with other singers such as Maluma, Anuel AA, Of The Ghetto or Farrukowhose letters are not also among the most feminist of the music scene, and have even had to face allegations of assault. What is certain, for now, is that the joint topic will not be published, and it seems that the artist has a good reason “ideological” to decide to ignore in their repertoire a collaboration so interesting.