Concert of Travis Scott in Fortnite is already a reference in the political sector of the U.S.


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Although there are those who think that their popularity is on the decline, Fortnite: Battle Royale it continues to generate interest and more by the content that leads constantly to the users and the live events that have left stunned players and spectators alike. A few weeks ago, the rapper Travis Scott held a concert in the Battle Royale that ended up becoming an experience without equal who gave the talk up in the world of politics in the united States.

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A report of Kotaku shared the statements of Lis Smith and Stefan Smith, political consultants who have worked with the Democratic Party of the USA, who pointed out the importance and scope of an event such as the Travis Scott in Fortnite to capture the attention of a wider audience. According to Lis Smith, the Democratic Party should do something similar for their annual convention the next August in the framework of the presidential elections that will take place this year in the north american country.

It is clear that we are in a situation of limitations in matter of mass events, so that it is almost certain that this convention will not take place face-to-face. In that sense, the consultant pointed out that a good idea, in case she would organize the event, would be to project a hologram giant Joe Biden, democratic candidate for the presidency, in something like the concert of Travis Scott in Fortnite: “if we could do that with Joe Biden, you know, and throw him in the Grand Canyon. That might be ambitious, but we could have music content exclusive to some of the musical artists largest of the game at this event to capture the attention of the convention”.

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