Filter photo intimate Evaluna Montaner and surprise more than one


Leaked intimate photography of Evaluna Montaner taken during the honeymoon with Camilo.

Filter photo intimate Evaluna Montaner where it appears without bra

A photograph of Evaluna leaked onto social networks where it appears to the natural, without makeup and without a bra. | Source: Google

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry they are one of the most media partners. And is that this couple always stays current on social networks and every one of their declarations are commented on by many.

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry, were married earlier this year and they were to spend their honeymoon on the idyllic beaches of Bora Bora and as they confessed, both, enjoyed the best honeymoon that they had never dreamt of.

However, one of these photos leaked on the social networks and here is Evaluna natural, without makeup and without a bra.

This picture shocked many followers, because it is a very intimate of the couple.

After that leaked this image, Evaluna decided to share it to avoid speculation and rumors. “If someone is going to comment something negative, I invite you to do so in this comment to find them more easily and thus be able to send you to hell personally. YOU SEE MOMMY EVI. ??”.