Great! Look at the new cover of the album “Glory” of Britney Spears


The princess of pop hits pleasantly surprised their fans with this cover, in which wears a body to kill.

In 2016 Britney Spears brought to light in its ninth studio album called “Glory”, which had a good reception from their fans who did not agree with the cover.

Four years later, Spears surprises his fans and gives them what they wanted, a cover sheet that corresponds to the album and to the princess of pop.

“You asked for a new cover of Glory, and from that came the number one we had to make it a reality! Could not have done it without all of you.

This was the caption of the photo posted on the account Instagram the singer, who sought the way of pleasing their fans.

Lugo the release of this album, the album reached the position number 3 in the billboard Billboard in addition to counting with more than 112 thousand copies sold in the first week in the arena for public.

This album is considered the best release Spears from “In The Zone” in 2003, and perhaps that had the most participation in the creation of this album, leaving a little more of her at home single.