Halsey: the pandemic of coronaviruses has been a “whirlwind”


2020-05-11 21:30:07

Halsey says that the pandemic of coronavirus has been a “whirlwind” because his life went by very fast playing in front of “thousands of people” to be “alone” in the house.

Halsey says that the pandemic of coronavirus has been a “whirlwind”.

The singer of 25 years returned to his home from his tour in Europe on the same day the united States imposed orders to stay at home to try to limit the spread of the virus, and said that initially he fought to not spend all the nights with “tens”. of thousands of people “to be suddenly” completely alone “.

In statements to Radio Disney, said: “The day I got home [from Europe] It is when we all start to stay inside. At the beginning it was a whirlwind because I went from traveling and being in a new country every day, a new city.

“I was with tens of thousands of people every night suddenly [being] in my house, only without all the chaos and the noise. Mainly, I’ve been spending time with my dog and cooking a lot “.

The comments of the creator of hits “ you Should be sad, ” have generated more speculation that has been separated from his companion Evan Peters, has already admitted that it has been quarantined for your account.

Halsey and Evan began dating in September, but it was rumored that they had split at the end of march when the beauty removed all traces of it from your account of Instagram.

The couple is still on the site, but among the important publications that Halsey was eliminated was one of the birthday of Evan in January.

She had written at that time: “Happy birthday sweetheart. I can not imagine a world without you in it.”

And what’s more, the singer of ‘Without me’ has also returned to be in contact with your ex boyfriend Yungblud.

In march, he posted a picture of your food on your history of Instagram and wrote: “My first attempt to make a supper Sunday #YorkshireCertified. The supplies were limited.”

The british singer, a native of Yorkshire, he again published the image and wrote: “Can confirm”.

Halsey has not commented publicly about his current state of relationship.

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