It secret revealed! Prepares the potent liquefied that Jennifer Lopez, taken in the morning


If you want to reach 50 years of age and look like the svelte Jennifer Lopez, then do not hesitate to prepare this smoothie

One of the most known stars at the global level is the most beautiful Jennifer Lopez and it is that she’s 50 years still continues to stun with its amazing beauty and unique energy and it is that, everything seems to indicate that the secret of the diva from the Bronx has been the constant exercise and good diet.

Other followers of the interpreter “The ring” they claim that also the surgeon has intervened to preserve the youth, although this may be true, it is also very well known that JLO for years it has worked hard to be retained.

Their staff nutritionist, Kelvin Fernandez has been responsible for care to the letter the power of the family of Jenniferas Kelvin thanks to your wisdom and experience is able to design a few menus very nutritious and balanced.

The health care professional in an interview might reveal what have been the foods that have benefited JLOas well as pointed out those foods that are not to your liking. Don’t be surprised that you don’t like!

The nutritionist admitted that Jennifer it is not lover nor of the fruits or vegetables, however, in your pantry, these can not miss, as they prepare their smoothies green that help you to stay in shape. What prepares every morning with the following ingredients: celery, cucumber and spinach.