Jennifer Lopez: your secret for keeping your incredible body is a man


There is No doubt that the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has one of the best bodies of showbiz, but what few know is that all of this is thanks to a man who is in your life.

Jennifer Lopez has always caused the sensation by the great figure to have and it is not something new that people ask how it is that keeps your body as perfect as 50 years.

It should be noted that the interpretation of “Dance with me” features a very good genetics, thing that has confessed it herself, but her effort to keep it it has been very large, since as we know, has a very good power supply.

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That is why it has a chef staff that knows to the perfection that is what you can and can not eat the Diva of the Bronx.

The singer follows a diet pretty strict to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars to certain hours and days.

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When you have important events, such as, for example, the past Super Bowl where he was the protagonist of half-time, chef, Kelvin Fernandez, will prepare each dish for her you do not have to be served once seated at the table and falling into the temptation of eating something that you should not.

You have done it already that there was one occasion in which JLo ate something more of what should not be to eat at that time.

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It was in an interview with Us Weekly the chef of the singer shared some details of the strict diet, which leads.

“If you get the pin, she throws it in face, on one occasion I wanted to do something nice for her and I arranged a family dinner. The next day he came to me and told me: ‘Kevin, last night I served it with rice’. I replied: ‘No, No, no, no. There was salad, there was chicken. You were the one that was released by the rice,” said the chef.

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According to her chef, Jennifer never eat salmon because you don’t like its texture, and it is also not a fan of the fruit, so that is replaced by juices or green smoothies, but always makes sure that the pantry is full of what everyone likes in the family.

On one occasion the actress said that her favorite foods are pork chops pork with rice and vegetables prepared by your mom, which is a typical food of Puerto Rico.

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It is worth mentioning that JLO has a absolute dedication to the gymplus be very careful regarding the food you eat.