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The past Sunday, may 10 was a day of unusual: in the vast majority of countries in the world celebrated mother’s Day at a distance. Andsto because of the actions of the guard with which the various governments seek to slow down the progression of the novel coronavirus.

And among the many clips of mothers receiving serenades ‘online’, or many families by sending messages of encouragement in these times of adversity, we snuck a video that ‘broke out’ social networks in Latin america: the ‘reappearance’ of the singer Juan Gabriel.

In a mysterious video, a little more than a minute, another man appeared saying that he was John Gabriel, and sending a message of support. In addition to this, gave a suspicious explanation for his alleged ‘absence’ (in official terms the singer is not missing: he is dead).

“I had, and now that I know that they are all locked up in Mexico, suffering from the coronavirus, now that is already may and 2020, I could not resist the desire of wanting to communicate with you” said the man in the video, in which, in contrast to the ‘look’ that portrayed him, had no hair.

In fact, the assumption of’ Divo Juárez’ appeared bald, more obese and a little older.

“With all my love, my love, my audience is what I live, because I could not stand more (…) Sending a greeting to all my people, and I hope that in Mexico this happens soon and the next year I will be in contact with you, and I’ll tell you the truth”.

Among the alleged reasons for his absence, Juan Gabriel, the video mentioned a certain pressure ‘political’ in his native country.

What john Gabriel, then, is it alive? Joaquín Muñoz, his exrepresentante, and the artistic environment of the ‘Divo’ fueled the conspiratorial theories that, as in his time spent with Elvis Presley or Tupac Shakur, just to name a few examples, they pointed to an artistic life of secrecy and mystery.

However, this Monday, Guillermo Pous, a lawyer for the family of the artist, we went out to the passage to the speculations and said that the man in the video is nothing more than a product of the wonders of the technology: the Juan Gabriel who delivers the message is a ‘deepfake’.

It is not known, however, that the identity of the person who provided your original face to mount the of the singer.

It is worth remembering that the ‘deepfake’ used replacement technology for faces to put faces of celebrities on different bodies. Also, ‘mimics’ the gestures of the famous original so that it looks like an identical copy. As was the case with Juan Gabriel.

Pous collapsed this new chapter of the conspiracy theory during a talk on radio show Javier Poza, in Mexico.

In reality it is not an imitator… is an application that uses the body and voice of a person and he joins the face of another, you manage to sync the audio that you hear with the ‘lipsync’ without it being real. I don’t know what was the origin of this,” said the lawyer, who, in addition, ruled that the family of the singer going to take legal action about it.

Send a greeting to all my people, and I hope that in Mexico this happens soon and the next year I will be in contact with you, and I’ll tell you the truth

Last Sunday, the video gave rise to all kinds of disputes in social networks.

Many pointed, rightly, to a sort of resurrection of the ‘Divo’. Others, on the contrary, ruled that it was an actual video and, rather, sought to uncover the identity of the impersonator.