Katy Perry discovers something surprising in the ultrasound of your baby


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Katy Perry it is located in the sweet anticipation of their first baby, and since last march he has shared with his millions of fans as part of this process, as when he confirmed the news by means of video clip of the song “Never Worn White”.

Now, the singer has published in his account of Instagram, an emotional video of the ultrasound to reveal how advanced your pregnancy is, but what called more the attention was that the baby decided to greet in a special way.

In the clip shared by Katy, we appreciate the time in which the small, who will be born in a few months, he taught the middle finger, something that caused her grace and tenderness to the mom-to-be.

“When your daughter has not yet been born, and it shows you the middle finger from the uterus. You know the one that is waiting for you”, wrote the artist along with the fun video.

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