Known with the exclusive apartment of Raul Molina, the host of the $ 15 million annually


The presenter of ‘The Fat and the Skinny’ lives in an exclusive apartment in the Rise Brickell City Center in Miami, Florida

The presenter cuban Raúl de Molina, who, since 1998 heads the program ‘El Gordo and la Flaca’, lives in a luxurious apartment, which he purchased in 2017, at 2.6 million dollars.

The inseparable companion of Lili Estefan, who earns 15 million dollars per year, bought his property in the exclusive tower apartments Rise Brickell City Centerlocated in the SW Seventh Street, in the centre of Miami, in Florida.

The apartment of the photographer is located on the 37th floor, with spectacular views of the city and the bay.

By means of various videos and photographs, ‘El Gordo’ has allowed us to get to know some of the corners of the home he shares with his wife, Millie, whom he married in 1995.

The apartment, of 2 thousand 740 square feet, has three bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, corridors decorated with works of art and a terrace with the ideal size to organize a barbecue when he receives the visit of Mia, your daughter.

In addition, the building has swimming pools, gym, spa, restaurant, surveillance and valet service 24 hours a day.


The kitchen is open, white and very spacious, so that Millie and Raul can prepare their food in a team.

This room has an island in the center that serves to stop preparing, cooking and even for eating food in the lunch, with a breakfast bar with space for three banks.

Dining room

The dining room of the apartment is small, having only a table with space for six people.

In spite of them, that was the site chosen for Raul to install the treadmill in the usually exercise.


The room is equipped by a lounge chair white in the form of ‘Ele’, with a capacity of seven people, as well as two armchairs with wood backing and one center table of glass.

This room is striking for its walls, for while a party has the finish of stone, the rest of the decorated with some paintings.

Tv room

To one side of the main hall has a tv room, which is very particular, since none of the armchairs is of the same design and style. It has, furthermore, two ottomans, with patches of cow and a table in the center of the crystal.

This room also has a tv and an exit to the balcony that surrounds your luxurious apartment.

Bedroom Mia

Although Mia is no longer living with their parents and only visit them for short periods, the only daughter of the couple with their fourth own.

Your room is equipped with a large bed that stands out from the collage that you have in the header area, to be composed by stickers of masks from various wrestlers mexican.

It also has a tv, as well as a desk for your computer and large windows that allow you to observe from the comfort of your bed, the sunset.

Room wines

In addition to the art, wine is another of the great passions of Raul de Molina, who has a room dedicated exclusively to this drink.

It keeps hundreds of bottles of the best wines in the world


Being surrounded by balconies, the apartment has several areas for the outdoor recreation, being your favorite which is located on the outskirts of the tv room.

There is a table of white color with a capacity for six people, as well as a buddha.

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