Kylie Jenner swept in Instagram with colorful and simple manicure: this is the “step by step” | Life


Kylie Jenner it is, without doubt, one of the young celebrities, most popular in the world, something that its account of Instagram reflects, as of the date sum more than 175 million followers.

In this sense, in one of its recent publications, the member of the clan Kardashian showed a beautiful design manicure some time ago the trend in the social network: the enameled rainbow (rainbow, in Spanish), according to according to the portal Vanitatis.

As its name implies, this tendency consists in combining various shades on the nail, and Jenner opted for a much more minimalist, which is also very popular in Instagram: apply the color only on the tips.

In addition to this, other versions minimalist the enameled rainbow are diagonal stripes on the ends, circles, small dots on the entire nail or the same line of Kylie, but in the cuticle.


To achieve the manicure Kylie Jenner is very simple and that you will need will be, mainly, various colors of enamel.

1. Prepares your nails

If necessary, the first thing you have to do is cut and file your nails. Give it the way you want, and then remove the debris with a brush or simply wash your hands.

2. Apply a base ‘nude’

Below colors Jenner wearing a cloak of a shade ‘nude’, choose which you prefer. As you can see in the photo, the enamel is matte, but if you do not have products with this finish does not matter, as it will look nice with a shine.

3. Give color to your nails

The line of vibrant color has the shape of a “C”, as it follows the oval shape of your nail.

If you want to imitate it but you are afraid to ruin the figure, first waiting that the base is thoroughly dry and then draw the line with a marker or the marker, so you know where to put the enamel.

4. Final layer

To seal the entire design, it is a good idea apply a clear coat, can be matt or gloss, the one that you want. This will also help you to the life of the manicure.