Lizzo, Eilish, Rosalie shine on show Spotify pre-Grammy


Lizzo screamed at full lung, Lil Nas X brought to Billy Ray Cyrus for “Old Town Road” and Billie Eilish sang gently with his brother and producer at the piano.

The three singers — the most nominated for the gala of the Grammy’s Sunday — celebrated their nominations for best new artist Thursday night in an annual event of Spotify in honor of the upcoming artists.

The Spanish Rosalia, also nominated for best new artist, had a special guest: the reggaetonero puertorriqueño Ozuna to accompany her on the hit “I x you, You x Me”.

Lizzo began the show in Los Angeles for a crowd of members of the music industry — some disgusted, others in plan of gossip.

“Are you happy to be here?” he asked. “Am I the first that acts today? I see that they have not yet been released. We’re going to let go (rudeness)”.

The singer, who tops the list of nominees with eight mentions, showed his charisma on the stage and won over the audience, performing his popular “Good as Hell” and “Truth Hurts”, postulated to recording and song of the year.

Eilish competing for the same honors with the “Bad Guy”, who performed on Thursday. Dressed like a highlighter neon, conspicuous both for their performance as for their attire.

“I see extra (rudeness). This costume is stupid,” he said. “If I saw someone using this…”

But it was incredible when she sat down and sang beautifully, reaching all the right notes on tracks like “Ocean Eyes” and “idontwannabeyouanymore”. Accompanied by his brother Finneas, nominated for several Grammy awards for producing and engineering the debut album of her sister 18 years of age, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, the most listened to on Spotify in 2019.

“The Grammys are Sunday,” said Eilish, who competes for six gramophones in gold. “This (rudeness) is crazy.”

Lil Nas X, also nominated for six awards, it was pure energy during her performance of hits such as “Panini”, “Rodeo” and “Old Town Road”, surprising the audience with Cyrus.

Rosalia, who mixes traditional flamenco with the sounds of reggaeton and trap, he won the Latin Grammy for album of the year in November with “The evil wish”, which also compete Sunday for the award for best album Latin rock, urban music or alternative.

Took over the stage with elaborate choreography and dancers that matched his imposing power, and received the maximum ovation from the crowd.

“It is such an honor to perform here tonight, really, because I really admire all the artists who are appearing here today,” said the Spanish star.

Among other performers were nominated for best new artist Maggie Rogers, Yola, Black Pumas and Tank and the Bangas.

Lizzo had another presentation on Thursday night, so I ran out of the event Spotify to interpret four songs in a fiesta pre-Grammys offered by the parent company of her record label, Warner. The singer and rapper — who released his debut album in 2013 and spent years touring before you jump to stardom last year — he thanked Spotify for helping to reach a wider audience.

“I am new to the world and this is thanks to the people at Spotify that brought me to their offices when I had 50.000 fans and they showed me the (dirty) a chart that was something like, ‘all your fans are in Minneapolis,’” said Lizzo. “I said, ‘let’s do it global’, and they did. I now have 42 million listeners per month, billions of streams, and I am among a group of new artists were just incredible.”


The journalist of AP Andrew Dalton contributed to this release.