Miley Cyrus will not show your house on social networking for this strong reason


More and more celebrities decide to open the doors of their homes during the current confinement caused by the pandemic coronavirus. JLo and Rod, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have been some of the celebs that in the last few months showed on social networks more details of their homes in quarantine, besides a few activities to keep you entertained.

But Miley Cyrus has made it very clear that he does not join this list and that you prefer to avoid, at all costs, to publish pictures or videos that reveal the comforts with which he has been living recently.

Why Miley Cyrus does not want to show your house on social networks?

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, the pop star explained that these are difficult times where you should show empathy with the rest of the world.

‘I am very aware that I have a privileged situation, and that’s why I also know that my experience with this pandemic, it looks nothing like the one that they are living millions of families, both in my country and in the rest of the world,’ explained the interpreter of ‘Mother’s Daughter’.

I’m in a house with all the amenities possible, I have food on the table and my economic situation is stable…I do not run any danger, and, unfortunately, this is not something that you can say a lot of people’, added the american actress of 27 years of age.