Most watched show on Netlix by the uruguayan people: check out the series and movies of the time – Tvshow – 12/05/2020


Netflix announced what are the 10 series and films seen by the uruguayans. Of Valeria to Almost Happyand The last dance to Space Jamthis is a guide to accompany the days of confinement together with the most elected by the uruguayans.

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“Desire to kill”

Starring Bruce Willis, Desire to kill (originally released in 2018), it came to Netflix at the beginning of may and became one of the biggest successes of the platform. This remake of The Avenger Anonymous (1974), tells the story of a doctor of middle age who decides to take justice into their own hands to get revenge on those who raped and murdered his wife and daughter. Since the tragedy, the man is transformed
a vigilante of the streets of the Big Apple.

The Spanish series Valeria it is one of the great bets of Netflix for may. Starring Diana Gomez, and based on the novels of Elísabet Benaventthe first season focuses on a writer who is not going through its best time at the professional level, and sentimental. The emotional distance that separates her from her husband leads her to take refuge in his three best friends: Carmen, Lola and Nerea. There are eight chapters of 40 minutes.

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“The last dance”

The last dance, the documentary series directed by Jason Hehir, is dedicated to narrating in detail the career of Michael Jordan and the trajectory of the Chicago Bulls of the nineties. There are ten episodes and the platform has already premiered eight (out one week). The last dance includes numerous previously unpublished material from the 1997-1998 season and allows to know in depth the life of one of the basketball players more important to the story.

Almost happy it is a series of comedy semi-biographical sketch in which the comedian and radio personality Sebastian, played by the argentine Sebastian Wainraich, navigate the obstacles of his adult life. Between a complicated relationship with the love of his life (his ex-wife), played by Natalie Perez, and a long list of insecurities, it is simply not possible to find happiness in his life almost perfect.

This film of 2017 shows how an innocent day at the amusement park turns tragic when Karla (Halle Berry) notice how two strangers dragged to his sixyear-old son, Frankie (Sage Strap), into a car and tear off. Without a registration number or mobile phone from which to call the police, Karla must find the small on your own. In a high-speed pursuit and with the fuel gauge dangerously close to the reserve, Karla will have to take tough decisions if you want to return to see his son.

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“Matchday Inside FC Barcelona”

This documentary series of eight episodes shown material never-before-seen inside and outside of the pitch FC Barcelonaone of the football clubs most popular and successful in the world.

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The third season of “Sorjonen”

The third season of the series Finnish Sorjonen continues telling the story of Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen), a detective who has to use his brilliant mind and his exceptional abilities deductive to investigate several cases of murder that are plaguing their community.

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The second season of “Dead to me”

The second season of Dead To Methe series starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellinicontinue showing you how Jen (Applegate) is still trying to control his anger issues while he continues to show his complicated friendship with Judy, after being in a group of emotional support.

It is one of the surprises of Netflix in the month. Space Jamthe movie 1996, starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes show debuted in may on the platform and became a success. Bugs Bunny and his friends convince Jordan not to remove the basketball to help you achieve your achieve your freedom playing against a team of evil aliens. A classic.

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“The seller of dreams”

The seller of dreamsthe movie 2016 starring the uruguayan César Troncoso, tells the story of a beggar that prevents a psychologist depressed will commit suicide. This is the beginning of a friendship peculiar that will help us both to gain strength and face the difficulties of life with a better face.