My player favorite of all time is Serena Williams


During the low season of 2019, Serena Williams was diverted from their exercises tennis regulars and participated in the activities of boxing. Called the best tennis player in history, Serena Williams received a training session from former boxing champion Mike Tyson.

And the boxer of 53 years opnina that Williams is the best of all time. With those boxing gloves and hitting the punching bag relentlessly, Williams seemed to be professional and tried to pick up those pointers pugilísticos.

His training took place in Boca raton, Florida. That day, the former heavyweight champion Tyson referred to Serena as the “Best of all time” While tuiteaba your video with a subtitle: “I would Not like to go into the ring with this GOAT Serena Williams.

“In one of her interviews, She mentioned being a fan of Serena. “My player favorite of all time is Serena Williams, is the best of all time,” he said. Serena Williams trains with Mike Tyson

Tyson was also seen giving the same lesson of boxing to the phenomenon of the tennis Coco Gauff 16 years of age .

While training to Williams, her coach Patrick Mouratoglou was present during your session. Later shared the video with advice for Serena: “I hit that punching bag as if you wanted to hit the ball!

“During the gala event at his academy in France, Tyson was one of the guests of Mouratoglou. It was a fundraising event to raise money organized for the foundation of Patrick, Champ’seed. In total raised eur 2.5 million.

In addition, in the year 2018, the family of Tyson visited Mouratoglou’s academy. After training, Mike, Williams broke her streak without a title since 2017, when he lifted the title at the Auckland Open in 2020.

Later, in the Open of Australia , number nine in the world, Williams lost in the third round before the chinese Wang Qiang. In February, he supported the team of EE. UU. To win a place in the final of the Fed Cup by 2020, as the u.s. defeated Latvia in the classification.