New video “Deepfake” put Chris Pratt in the role of Indiana Jones | THE IMPARTIAL


UNITED STATES.- Indiana Jones is a film whose protagonist is hard to imagine without Harrison Ford, well, on this occasion, the technology plays to our favor and now it is a reality see the adventurer character but with the face of Chris Pratt.

That was the goal of a new deepfake of Indiana Jones, which replaces the Ford Pratt, better known as Star-Lord in MCU and Andy in Parks and Recreation on NBC, as the main character.

The most surprising is that it does not see anything wrong and even you might think that you already have the perfect replacement for Jones.

It should be noted that this fake video is a response to the rumors that Pratt could play an Indy youngest in an upcoming movie, though nothing concrete has materialised from all the speculation since then. In addition, at least for now, Ford seems content to continue portraying the character for a while more and not want anyone else to take command.

Unfortunately, Indiana Jones 5 was delayed a year because of the pandemic of COVID-19, so that it may be quite some time before we can finally embark on another adventure with one of the favorite heroes.

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