Post Malone and Chris Hemsworth bring you entertainment of the Friday


The concert tribute to Nirvana that is going to offer one of the musical groups of the moment, Post Maloneand the release on Netflix of the latest Chris Hemsworth are some of the many plans of leisure that offers this Friday without leaving the house.

The music in “streaming” not to

One of the dating musical highlights of this Friday is musician Post Malone, star of the new generations, that, starting from 00.00 hours will be done from your home and through your Youtube channel a concert in tribute to Nirvana, his favorite bandin order to collect donations for the crisis of the coronavirus.

In addition, within the special “In My Room” sponsored by The Rolling Stones and the brand name manufacturer of Gibson guitars, there will be a performance with Joan Jett as the protagonist in starting from 21:00 hours.

It will be a day with a lot of music via “streaming”. At the international level, for example, the british Biffy Clyro (Facebook, 19:00 hours) and the u.s. Grateful Dead (02:30 the early morning hours of Friday to Saturday on Youtube).

In Spanish, Leon Impala, the duo, which form part of the actress Diana Palazón, you have an appointment at 19:00 hours on Instagram.

The #InnerSessions that emits the channel Innercia Spain in Instagram offered to the 20:00 the concert of Mara Barroswhose voice is joined from years ago of Joaquin Sabina as a chorister official of his concerts.

And only half an hour later, Coque Malla interpreted through its official channel on the same platform versions of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Action movie with Chris Hemsworth mercenary

Netflix premieres today thriller “Tyler Rake” that makes Chris Hemsworth in a fearless mercenary who receives the order to rescue the child kidnapped from a capo of the mafia who is in prison.

The brothers Russo, directors of the last two installments of “The Avengers”, are responsible for the script and the production, while behind the camera is Sam Hargrave, stunt coordinator of action films “the Avengers” that debuted in direction with this film shot in India and Thailand.

Another film that arrives today to the platforms is “Pullman“, which some define as the “The Florida Project” of the balearic islands, a film by Toni Bestard that he has moved his release date in theaters to Netflix and it tells of the journey of initiation and friendship of two children, Daren and Nadia, who reside in the buildings Pullman Palm, a former luxury hotel converted into a block of flats hive.

“Defending Jacob” comes to “Apple TV”+

Apple TV+ debuts this Friday “Defending Jacob”, a miniseries starring Chris Evans based on the novel of the same name that follows the story of assistant district attorney Andy Barber, who, faced with a murder case, see how all the evidence leading to her own child.

Torn between his duty as a prosecutor and the love for his son, a Barber will need to try to solve the crime of a 14-year-old classmate of her son.

Tell me a story

The team of Alianza Editorial read the short story “The agency”, the book of Sarah Hall “Madame Zero and the beautiful indifference.”

Hall, considered one of the best novelists young people from the Uk, brings together in this volume some stories disturbing and deeply erotic. It will be at 18.00 hours from your account of Instagram @alianzaeditorial.

Puppets for the whole family

The National Drama Center (CDN) offered by this Friday “Cloud to cloud”, a puppet show for the whole family of the Periphery of Theatre that was in the Teatro Valle-Inclán in the past month of January. You can follow it on Clan RTVE.

Learn wine and tea

Under the label #convinamiento, the sommelier murcia Pedro Martinez, prestigious winner of the contest Nose of Gold, offers a tasting of wines with monastrell grape and gives a master class on the strains prefiloxéricas of the DOP Jumilla and wines from vines in pie franco, a jewel of wine making. It will be after the applause health of the 20:00 hours in the channel on Facebook @vinosjumilla.

The txakoli wins in quality and in drinkers, a process that analyzes in his account of IGTV from 20:30 hours the journalist specializing Federico Oldenburg with the sommelier Maria José Huertas (Paco Roncero Restaurant) and Manu Calera (Bodega Virgen de Lorea), one of its best producers, in Biscay.

The consumption of tea has also increased during the confinement, but if you want to learn about its history, benefits, types and how to prepare them, the Club president of the Tea, Victoria Bisogno, offers this Friday a course ‘online‘three hours for Spain, Argentina, Chile and Brazil via this link: Course introduction to tea ONLINE in Spanish.

And to end the day with a little exercise

Maria Aurell gives classes Live GAP -routine glutes, abs and legs – and yoga, at different times, for altruistic way every day from his account Instagram @mariayoga.fromhom.