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The pandemic of the coronavirus has made many dynamic social change. Now, many jobs are done from home, interpersonal relationships are maintained, more than ever, thanks to social networks, and the routines were reduced to what one can do locked up.

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Also changed the way they teach and learn. The classes, both in colleges as universities, they had to migrate to digital platforms and salons, by these times, they became a link in the web that is being shared, and to which many people join.

What if you have not changed are the attitudes of many and the jokes that can be converted into offences, and that many times are not measured.

Reflection of this was what happened in Medellin, when a student played a practical joke on a teacher while he taught class in the platform Zoom, one of the most used to make video calls and virtual meetings.

The situation

The fact that it happened ending last April, in a class of the University Institution Pascual Bravo, in the capital of antioquia.

The teacher was talking and all of a sudden, one of his students interrupted. “Prof, do not hear him well,” he said. “Give ctrl + 4 to activate the microphone, please,” he added.

So naive and believing in the ‘good intentions’ of his interlocutor, the professor flipped the command that you had provided and went out of his own class, since that shortcut is used for this function.

The laughter of the joker and his other companions did not wait. Up to a “you, it is very maldadoso, to what is good” (SIC), was heard.

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The mockery was shared by one of the sons of the teacher in social networks, visibly angered by the situation that his father, an older man who has had to adapt to new technologies, lived.

“It’s not been easy for my dad to adapt to this extraordinary situation, never attends a class without preparing it with rigor and in this contingency of health has required much more in its preparation”, he began the message.

“He has worked with dedication and discipline to better understand the digital tools. He is very proactive and takes careful note of the recommendations and observations that we make my sister and I, as to do something like this,” he added.

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(If we see from the application, you can view the video of the joke here).

Finally, he said that, once they explained to him what happened, only the man is exactly right to say: “education is the most strange, the people pay and do not want to receive”.

The educational institution, for his part, confirmed to TIME that, after the joke, the class continued with the return of the teacher to the same, and that, days after what happened, there was a meeting between those involved, which called for the apology, respectively.

Education is the most strange, the people pay and do not want to receive

“The teacher accepted the apology and even said that it was a joke and nothing more. He and his family took the decision not to talk about it anymore,” said a spokesman for the university.

Also, John Paul Grove Gaviria, rector of the Pascual Bravo, he referred to what happened and made a call for respect and solidarity, and also commented that “the bodies competent academic will analyze the facts in light of the student regulations and measures shall be taken that the internal rules set for this type of situations.”