Rihanna has really played the field with multiple athletes

The stars of pop music are not much larger or more famous than Rihanna. From their album of 2007 ‘ Good Girl Gone Bad”, Rihanna has sold approximately 60 million albums and 215 million digital tracks. Over the years, has had 14 singles number one, while he won eight Grammy awards for musical excellence.

While Rihanna may have built its fame in the mass popularity of his music, attracts attention as a figure of celebrity gossip, especially when it comes to your love life. Over the years, Rihanna has fallen in love with numerous professional athletes. Here we take a look at some of the highlights, at the time we review your current situation with dating.

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Some of the lovers of the athlete of Rihanna

In 2009, Rihanna was in the news when it was announced that she was dating the baseball star of the los Angeles Dodgers, Matt Kemp. The two became involved shortly after the violent collapse of the relationship of Rihanna with the lead singer of R&B Chris Brown. At first, Kemp seemed to be all that Brown was not. At the end of October of 2010, Rihanna told Marie Claire UK so happy that it was Kemp, and he said, “The smiles come from the inside and exude all that I do. People feel my energy is different. When I smile, can say that it is pure bliss and not just a cover-up “. However, at the end of December, began to circulate reports that the two had separated. Apparently, the toll of a long distance relationship simply grew too much.

In 2015, started to run rumors that Rihanna was dating the football star of Real Madrid, Karim Benzema. The two really seemed to be involved for a while, often seen together at evening parties. However, I never went over the hump in a relationship “official”. According to a report, even if Rihanna loved Benzema, he was still too obsessed with Chris Brown to commit.

2015 also saw rumors that Rihanna was involved with the pilot cars Formula One Lewis Hamilton. The two were caught going on a steamy weekend together in Barbados. In that case, however, the issue never seemed to go beyond the phase of “release”.

A fascination with the NBA

Rihanna has shown a democratic will to get involved with athletes from a variety of different sports. That said, the NBA seems to have a special fascination for her. In 2009, Rihanna was caught leaving the apartment building Rashard Lewis of the then star of the Orlando Magic wearing only a sweatshirt short sleeve size large.

In a time in 2009, it was rumored that Rihanna also spent time with the then downtown Los Angeles Laker, Andrew Bynum. Rihanna was quickly put those rumors to bed saying: “I could Not believe that I insulted him as well”.

A few years later, in 2012, there were reports that Rihanna was coming out with then-player of the New York Knicks, J. R. Smith. Sports Illustrated also reported that the two had “connected.” However, the issue could not have lasted long, and apparently did not end with a good note. A couple of years later, Rihanna did not hesitate to criticize the bad acting from Smith in a publication of Instagram.

The current situation of appointments of Rihanna

It would be an exaggeration to say that Rihanna has been a person who is dedicated to the appointments in the series during the greater part of his life of celebrity. However, all that changed in 2017, when he began to go out with Hassan Jameel in 2017. Unlike their previous items, an air of privacy and even mystery surrounding the relationship of Rihanna with the saudi billionaire.

In January 2020, began circulating reports that the two had separated. Apparently, in a matter of days, Rihanna had moved forward, embarking on a new adventure with the rapper A $ AP Rocky. About this relationship, a source close to Rihanna reported that it was “reluctant to put a label, because it is very shortly after Hassan”.