Said goodbye to Amber Heard of Aquaman by scandal with Johnny Depp


His character was quite successful in the first issue of Aquaman, thanks to her chemistry with Jason Momoa.

His character was quite successful in the first issue of Aquaman, thanks to her chemistry with Jason Momoa.


It seems that the rumors about the dismissal of Amber Heard of the DC Universe are false. Despite the legal battle that is taking against your former spouse Johnny Depp for alleged mistreatment, the actress who plays Mere remains on board of the production next to Jason Momoa. Always and when not go to jail, of course.

The latest charges in the case of Heard and Depp point to the actress pretended to different bumps and bruises, as to emulate a bleeding nose with red enamel nail Polish, as explained by a friend of his former spouse.

If you were to prove that these injuries were fake, Heard you could go to jail. But for the moment has not happened and the interpreter continues to be part of the cast of Aquaman 2.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that by the time the character is simply not in danger. While the legal battle continues, Warner seems to not want to head the list of layoffs, as Depp continues to be the protagonist of Fantastic beasts 3 and Disney for its part, is rethinking its participation in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

While everything is possible when the trial is resolved, for the time Heard will not be replaced.

His character it was quite successful in the first installment of Aquaman thanks to her chemistry with Jason Momoa, and the studio wants to repeat the winning formula, rising to the occasion in the Silver Age and featuring the return of Black Manta.

Aquaman 2 will arrive in cinemas in December of 2022.


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