Susanna Griso shown in Public Mirror the gown more elegant to return to the office


Over the last few weeks we have seen as a film has remained among the most popular of Netflix. It is ‘A small favor’, a film starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively where the costume plays a fundamental role.

Thus, the costumes of jacket that looks Blake Lively they are almost a character of the story. A perfect excuse to remember the charm that they have sets of two pieces to our wardrobe.

An idea that we have confirmed to see one of the last outfits of Susanna Griso. The journalist wore in ‘Mirror public’ a suit coat in red color (though in the photograph tends to slightly orange on the tv screen was of a crimson vibrant) that is ideal for any event the spring and summer.

The practicality of being able to take off or not american, we’ve all experienced a day at the office with the air conditioning level ‘Frozen’ in the middle of August, they added this touch that is so elegant they give off this type of creations.

New red suit of HyM. (Courtesy)
New red suit of HyM. (Courtesy)

Without forgetting that the red tone for that bet Susanna Griso is super flattering for see fresh and modern. By removing any trace stale that we find in some sets too classic.

For this reason, we have selected a very similar proposal to that which we see in the presenter in H&M. The american way, available for 40 euros, it has collar tuxedo and three-quarter sleeves with seams furrowed.

New red suit of HyM. (Courtesy)
New red suit of HyM. (Courtesy)

A creation that is accompanied by a pant tobillero with zipper and hook, belt with lacing and removable front calipers. A model of high waist with slant pockets and leg warmers straw that is on sale for 30 euros.

The two pieces of this set from H&M have the perfect pattern in order to look stylish and favored. So if we look triumphant for our first few days of back to the officehere we have a wonderful solution.

The journalist combined this suit with a top satin in a soft pastel pink, but it is also fabled with all kinds of t-shirts on a more informal basis. So we showed it two seasons ago Paula Echevarría, that he combined the red suit with a basic piece of cotton.

We will continue to awake the next proposals Susanna Griso because according to this latest styling red, we are sure that she and her team will give us great ideas.