Suzy Cortez leave your bag open and under not wearing a bra


The brazilian model has surprised their fans with their image, because it looks more elegant, but always burning and without underwear

Suzy Cortez has surprised their fans by getting to see more elegant. However, in the process, despite the slight change of image, the brazilian has not lost its side burning and as proof you forgot the bra.

The absence of underwear is not the limited and even left his bag open for the delight of all his faithful followers.

On the weekend the model is also left another gift to his fans full of color azulgrana. Suzy he took his soccer ball with the colors of FC Barcelona, his favorite team, and I wish his followers a good night.

Next to the image of the carioca wrote: “Good night, my loves, in my exclusive web site you will have access to all of my confidential material and of the latest generation, access at this time, messages, photos and videos exclusively on my platform private”.

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