The father of Amber Heard allegedly threatened to shoot her Johnny Depp


One of the biggest disasters of Hollywood at this time is the turbulent process of divorce between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The two have been going back and forth for some time, with the supposed decline of Depp into alcoholism, and accusations cross of domestic violence of both parties. In addition to this, an order to that Heard to undergo a mental health evaluation and an on-line petition calling for the disengagement of their next project.

Now, just when it seems things can’t get worse, the portal We Got This Covered reports that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” apparently it will be receiving threats by the father of Amber, David Heard. According to Screen Geek (based on a legal document obtained by The Blast), the threats were heard by a witness through a telephone conversation in which his father made accusations against that Depp was ruining the career of his daughter.

That piece of [email protected] me is fucking me too because am I supposed to get the 10% of the money and without him I can not produce the film I was about to do!…. He is ruining the career of my girl and is putting on the black list in Hollywood”. The threat only seemed to increase even more when they introduced the weapons into the conversation.

According to the
environment, David said: “And when you get to
he’ll give you a beating…I am from Texas, and the men of Texas take 45’s and
Johnny goes to meet with the most important part of mine!”.
The witness –
identified as David Killackey, who has worked on the vehicles of Depp and
Heard through his company, Performance Alliance Transmissions – showed his
concern for the fact that the father may be drunk.

Heard would have added: “yes, maybe it is and I’m going to get the bottle of whiskey by the c#!or”. For the moment, it is not known whether it will take any action against the father of Heard or on what the Depp has this to say about it. Reports indicate, however, that the two actors are doing everything we can to continue with their careers while undergoing the divorce. To know about the petition which seeks to leave out Amber Heard of “Aquaman 2” we recommend you this other note.