The muscles of Henry Cavill broke several of her outfits in the series ‘The Witcher’


We had already seen the british actor wearing the costume of Superman, as if his second skin is concerned, but this time it seems that Cavill has gone to the gym… To interpret the character of Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher it was pounding so much that in the end his physical was a problem of locker room on more than one occasion…

In his 36 years, Henry Cavill has one of the best bodies of the film industry. Many of the papers that he has starred in have given him visibility… each and every one of your muscles. To interpret Superman, carried out a very intensive training that will allow him to have the look of a superhero.

After accepting the contract with Netflix to work on the series The Witchernot abandoned its effort to continue to maintain that tipazo. Is more, to increase its presence in the gym, moved up in weight on the dumbbells and pressed strong those abs… The result: incredible.

The problem comes when, at the starting time of the filming of the series, the first tests of lighting, sound, makeup and costumes, the tremendous body of Cavill break the outfits that you must carry. The character of Geralt of Rivia should be displayed fully in line with the expectations of the public. As stated Tim Aslamstylist of the series, had a challenge: to create an armor that is faithful to the character and, at the same time, allow freedom of movement to Cavill. “The expectations on the appearance of Geralt were quite high”, told Aslam.

Obviously, in the scenes that Cavill appears ligerito of clothes, or practically nude, which are a few, there was no problem. But not the same happened when he wore garments of leather. This is what I will remember most Aslam, that has told your muscles “destroyed” the locker room “at a speed so alarming that the replacements were being produced constantly.”

What has this man in his body? Can it be that really it is the ‘man of steel’? Currently circulating rumors about the possibility that we will see Cavill as the next Wolverine. We would love to see you again in a costume so slender and narrow marking body (and increase the budget of the locker room for what would happen…).