The security of 6ix9ine abandoned it because “it’s not worth the risk”

6ix9ine it takes more than a year in jail but his departure could happen very soon because in addition to have been asked to comply at home with what’s left of judgment, be that as it may, in a few months will leave the prison.

6ix9ine going to hire security for 24 hours a day

But we know that Tekashi is located in a very delicate situation by fault of having gone against one of the gangs most dangerous of the united States, so we have a good team of bodyguards is a must for your security.

69 already moved always accompanied by his “protectors” before entering into prison, but now that it has been an “informer”, is thinking about hire a team for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It seems, however, that may not count for more with those who already worked for him.

According to reports, the security team that had up to now says that “it’s not worth the risk” that means working to 6ix9ine as things are today.

Keep in mind that Tekashi had to two well-known bodyguard that already had protected Mayeather, so that it will be difficult to find someone better.

It is clear that 6ix9ine has plenty of money to get good protection, but… Will you be able to get out on the street peacefully after load against the Bloods?

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