This is the reason why he wanted to leave the drugs


The singer of ‘Anyone’ dared to count for the program of Ellen DeGeneres the reasons for their relapse in drugs and the time in which he suffered the overdose that almost ends his life in 2018.

When an abuse of its most dangerous addictions nearly cost him his life, the artist was in a period of quite a burden, in which only are spent working and attending to their social networks, on many occasions, facing harsh criticism.

The pressure could not with the former girl Disney ended up relapsing on alcohol and drugs, that had already caused havoc in his life years before. So stated in his song ‘Sober’, although there seemed to be a distress call to his fans, shortly after you knew your income into a coma.

Andn the interview for DeGeneres explained the reasons for your relapse that are highly related to the influence of their work team: “If I had to stay in a hotel, they got the phone in my room so that he could not order food from room service and if you had fruit the drew because that was extra sugar”.

These requirements were in addition to that Demi went back to obsessing about her weight after having had bulimia years before. And some behaviors coaccionaban to the artist until the point of make them feel guilty. In the program, DeGeneres had some of the comments he had to endure: “These being very selfish. This will ruin things, not only for you but for us also”

From here, the team of the singer decided to quit and Demi returned to find refuge in drugs, at that time, a substitute for lonelinessuntil almost causing his death.

Since then, the singer has returned to triumph again in the music and get everything that is proposed. He returned to take care of your food and make sport, as well as to control the management of their social networks, and all with the purpose of be a Demi Lovato renewed. Something that is getting, as proved by the success which is having its new song ‘I love me’