Viral Video that circulates on networks, where Britney Spears is suffering from bullying is not real | Trends

In social networks tend to relive videos from the past that them spread thanks to that show striking images as well not be current. This time users on the internet revived a clip where it appears Britney Spears being harassed by a crowd of paparazis while she was going in a car.

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Then, the singer tries to flee, but can’t because the photographers around the car, preventing it from booting. The video was posted on Twitter and has more than 20 thousand ‘likes’. However, in the images does not appear Britney.

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This scene is part of a documentary film about the singer called ‘Britney Ever After’ and was recorded four years ago, There are several actors recreate the hard time that lived Britney, time to shave off the hair, and was involved in several scandals, but no one spoke about the harassment suffered by the paparazis.

Here’s the trailer for the movie: