What is inherited is not stolen: meet the mother of JLo


JLo posted on her Instagram several pictures of her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez, a beautiful and remarkably preserved woman of 74 years

The Diva of the Bronx, Jennifer Lopez, not to lose the opportunity to congratulate his mother last Sunday, like so many other celebrities that congestionaron social networks with moving acknowledgements and ratifications of love to their progenitor.

JLo published for the occasion in his Instagram several photos and videos in which you can see to your mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez, a beautiful and remarkably preserved woman of 74 years of age, that elicited the admiration of millions of followers of his daughter.

“People ask me that where is all my energy, my dance moves,” wrote the puerto rican to accompany the images of your mom. In response, the likes and positive comments abounded on the part of their followers happy of the good vibe of her mother.

The lady Rodriguez has not had precisely a low profile in the public life of his daughter, because they are frequent occurrences in events, television spots and videos where he proves that the charm, the vivacity and the rhythm of Latin also inherited

The mother of JLo it is also a woman very lucky because in the year he won $ 2.4 million at a casino in Atlantic City, in the united States, according to the diva’s music in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.