Yes, Lady Gaga is selling jockstraps with their new album


Lady Gaga Chromatica Jockstrap
Merch of Chromatica. Photo: Lady Gaga

When it seemed that the COVID-19 had ruined the plans of our favorite artists, Lady Gaga refuses. Before the pandemic, the singer had ready their new album and had to delay the launch, but don’t want to wait any longer to showcase your music, so launch Chromatica this may 29,. But the biggest surprise is that the disc comes accompanied of jockstraps or athletic supporters. In addition thongs.

Part of the merch that comes with Chromatica it is this line of clothing. Both jockstraps such as athletic supporters are neon pink and have the word “ENERGY” or “CHROMATICA” to the front. And maybe this year I can use them on the events of Pride this year, but you can use it comfortably in your house. Insurance what you will need in the future for other events.

These parts come with a digital copy of the new album of Gaga. But if you don’t want a few new jockstraps, there are other pieces in the collection Chromatica. There are T-shirts, hoodies, and pants that seem to me to pass the quarantine in them. For example, our favorite is the tie dye.

Lady Gaga Chromatica merch

In addition to other T-shirts with the logo of the new album that we already know about the song “Stupid Love”. Apparently the aesthetics of that video is what you’ll see in all of the simple, because the calligraphy and the signs are that abound in the merch Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Chromatica merch

In terms of music, there is a song confirmed with Elton John, whom Gaga admires it intensely. “Sine from Above” is the song that made the duet with Elton. It even has a cup with the phrase “It’s a Sine”. Click here to find out all of the merch of Chromatica.

Lady Gaga Chromatica merch

In addition to talking to your monsters, the motto of the album is “no one thing is greater than another”. We just have to wait a few more days to be able to listen to the album.