Zac Efron could be the new Jack Sparrow | Today


Ah! Are you serious? It seems that Disney anda desperate not to drop the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean that they plan to appeal “to one of the house” to take up the role of Jack Sparrow.

Zac Efron would be the one chosen to play the younger version of Sparrow in a prequel to “Pirates of the Caribbean”… but now in the platform streaming Disney Plus.

Up to now neither Disney nor Efron have confirmed if this is just a rumor but several international media ensure the sources that are disseminating the information they are “very reliable and they were the same that confirmed the live-action Aladdin before anyone would find out”.

The new series would take place before the events of e Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and so avoid criticism for change to Johnny Depp as the main character.

Confirmation of this contract, it would mark the return of Efron to the company that gave him his great take-off with High School Musical more than 10 years ago.

But… “Jack Sparrow will be only one”.