Angelina Jolie spoke of the death of his mother


Angelina Jolie has been described that “to lose the soft embrace of his mother it was as if someone ripped out a protective blanket”, and says that the death of her mom has changed a lot.

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The mother of Jolie, Marcheline Bertrand, died in 2007 after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer and of the breast.

The actress spoke about the loss in an emotional article opinion of the Day of the Mother to the New York Times, reports

“I lost my mother in my 30 years,” wrote Jolieand he added: “When I look back to that era, I can see how much I changed his death. It was not sudden, but I changed a lot inside. Lose the love and the warm embrace and gentle of a mother is like having someone ripped out of a protective blanket”.

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He also shared how the separation of Bertrand’s father and actor of JolieJon Voight, had an impact on the aspirations of action of Bertrand, is read into The Snack.

He added: “When my father had an affair, changed his life”.

“As the ‘W’ is faded in my hand, so did that feeling of home and protection. Life has taken many turns. I have had my own loss and I have seen my life take a different direction. And that hurt more than I imagined ever would happen,” wrote the actress.

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