Batman without exercise: Robert Pattinson refuses to have squares


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Chris Evans to be Captain America, Henry Cavill like Superman or Jason Momoa in Aquaman are some examples of actors that were in a physical form “bestial” to give life to the superhero, but Robert Pattinson is determined to break the mold and refuses to be the lead-muscled masked.

With the task of giving life to Batman in a new era of movies, whose release date was delayed by the coronavirus, Pattinson claimed that they do not mold to your body as if it were a “gladiator” and wants to break with stereotypes that their colleagues have brought to the screen, because he believes that they are far from the reality for the vast majority of the people.

No one did that in the 70’s, no one sported similar physical; James Dean never had to be in the form that is now in demand. I think that if you spend the entire day in training you are part of the problem, there is a precedent,” said the actor of Twilight, who, for the purpose of that saga shared an amusing anecdote of his abdomen.

“I remember that in a day of recordings of Twilight, they asked me to take off my shirt for a scene. As soon as I did I was told that I should wear it again“he joked in an interview with GQ.

The diet of Robert Pattinson to be Batman

The actor, who passed the quarantine in a house rented by Warner Bros. in London, explained in the same interview that also takes care of extreme in your diet and your exercise more demanding is to runalthough it does so “with fear” that the Police see you breaking the rules of confinement social.

“My diet is going with many protein powders, and oats. Also as a lot of tuna that not even a bag of the canonly what escurro and echo Tabasco sauce to the tuna in their packaging and so consumption, I like to feel as a man of the caverns,” he said.