Cannes: the longing of a red carpet success


Older people are standing in front of the Festival Palace, where they celebrate annually the Festival of Cinema of Cannes (EFE/EPA/Sebastien Nogier).

The Cannes film Festival was suspended leaving homelessness to the glamour that used to show in each edition with stars like Elle Fanning, Uma Thurman, Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz and Irina Shayk walk a red carpet this year only we will be left with the memory.

Tuesday night, the city of the French riviera had set the opening date of the 73 edition of the Cannes film Festival, where mild temperatures would get to the players willing to teach your talent of interpretation and to show off their finery every night.

Actresses, models and guests like Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Zhang Ziyi, Jane Fonda, Eva Longoria or Rosie Huntington Whiteley not to parade between the flashes of the photographers due to the suspension of the contest by the coronavirus, but we can always remember the best of the nights in the French Riviera.

In the latest edition of the film festival, the actress Elle Fanning (“Maleficent”) captured each night, at 21 years, the eyes with their style and their dresses of dream when the evening fell, as if it were a ritual he did each occurrence a stellar moment.

Your appearance with a Dior Haute Couture designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, with a shirt of silk organza and a tulle skirt pleated, a tribute to the figure “New Look” of the signature, surmounted by a pamela raffia black macramé, showed that despite his youth he was one of the actresses most elegant.

Also worthy of note to recall the elegance of the australian actress Cate Blanchett, who chaired the jury of the Festival in 2018, or Uma Thurman, who was the president of the section “A Certain Look” of the 70’s Cannes film Festival, in 2017.
The protagonist of “Carol”, Cate Blanchett, risked, and he knew how to dazzle not only because of the wonderful jewelry of Bulgari, but also for the creations of Armani Privè for the night, or Stella McCartney for the events of the morning, which were all a success.

Also what was the model of Iris van Herpen, a design is haunting, personalized, that seemed to be tattooed to your skin and that used to attend the dinner of the awards “Women In Motion”, which the group Kering organized environment at the festival to highlight the role of women in the film industry.

The beauty and the height of Uma Thurman made their way down the red carpet outside a path full of successes, in which he did not give up the pants, wearing a sophisticated tuxedo, or dresses charleston, which earn with the movement.
The designs word of honor, the necklines in peak and corset dresses in dusty pink, gold and yellow, the latter in homage, perhaps, to his character in “Kill Bill”, when he accompanied Quentin Tarantino, the director, the night that marked the twentieth anniversary of the movie, the consolidated themselves as a great master of ceremonies.

Many of the actresses and invited to come to the festival as invited by the firms sponsoring. It is the case of Jane Fonda, sophisticated and elegant always, who dazzles choosing the dress most appropriate for the occasion.

However, it is not always right. Despite her spectacular figure and her beauty, the Russian model Irina Shayk was wrong to choose a futuristic design in black from Balmain to go to a gala in Cannes in 2017, with the that broke his trail of successes.

They are also to forget the excess of the white dress of the indian actress Aishwarya Rair, as well as the red gauze that the model Winnie Harlow wore last year and that barely covered their anatomy, or the disappointing choice that made the brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio.

The dress in rhinestones and satin that shone in 2019, Eva Longoria, a piece of asymmetrical cut of Alberta Ferreti, not favoring the actress; as neither did the minifaldero design with a zebra print of Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Chanel’t had his best day when one of their ambassadors-star, actress Kristen Stewart wore on the red carpet of Cannes in 2017, a top and a skirt pichi that I was not at the height of the French house.

Just a year later, in 2018, the protagonist of “Twilight”, again breaking the “code” does not tax clothing and took off their high heeled shoes to protest by this code, as did Julia Roberts in 2016 marching without footwear.

Cannes not live in the light of the foci or its star will descend from the sky to the red carpet. We can only wait when will be the next time.