Chris Hemsworth reveals the truth about the relationship of their children with Thor


In the rest of the world is an international superstar, but at home Chris Hemsworth he is a dedicated father to their kids India, Sasha and Tristan. The actor, married with the Spanish Elsa Pataky, has opened up about his family life and the strong contrast with their work life.

In an interview with GQ Australiahe confessed that his children are not very impressed with that is the powerful Thor.

“It gives Me a rush when you really enjoy my movies. But there is always an equivalent amount of eyes in whitein their eyes could not be less cool. It is the way that it has the nature of tell me the truth. You can’t believe this false sense of being very important on a movie set, you feel so special, so it is well to remember that this is not the case. And my kids certainly give me that at home”.

Chris recognizes that in terms of balancing the life of a Hollywood star with be present for your family, is “constantly trying to find the balance.”

“I have definitely felt the need to stop a little. Not have the full agenda in front has made me recalculate my values and what is important. Each job that I accept, every time I go on these long trips, makes it more difficult,” he admits.

“At the beginning do you think the children won’t notice and then you realize that yes. Of course I want to continue making films that I’m proud of, but that can wait. The most important thing now is that my children are at an age that I don’t want to lose“he says.

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