Chris Pratt throws call to exit in Jurassic World | Film and Television


Chris Pratt just throw a call that no one can let go of because, besides a good action to combat the COVID-19, the winner will be able to get out in a new movie of Jurassic World.

Like Leonardo DiCaprio who recently invited his fans to participate with him and Robert De Niro in the new film from Martin Scorsese, Chris Pratt posted a video inviting his fans to join an auction/raffle that will allow you to appear in “Dominion”, the new production of the franchise-Jurassic World.

Do you want to be eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic World 3? I repeat: do you Want to EAT WITH A DINOSAUR IN JURASSIC WORLD 3? Chris Pratt is part of the #ALLINCHALLENGE where for ten dollars you can participate in the sweepstakes. Inmortalízate in the history of cinema. Every dollar goes to provide food to those in need: children, the elderly and our heroes from the first line“says the video where very excited, Pratt gives the details to participate.

There will be two winners, and apparently, these will have a role as an extra where you will be eaten by a dinosaur, and where Pratt ensures you are really going to know who you are.

All of the information you find in the social networks of the actor.