Danna Garcia has already passed the worst, and speaks of what he asked of his family – Film and Tv – Culture


Danna Garcia is still recovering, after testing positive for covid-19, have been hospitalized and even rejected by their neighbors.

In a short video aired by Univisionthe actress, who looks thin and a little pale, but already more recovered, said that although already at this time “we need to speak life and not death”, felt very bad physically.
The protagonist of Pasión de gavilanes, said that when he was diagnosed he talked with his family about the future of Dante, his two year old son.

“When to me gave me the first time (the actress says that it had twice the disease, but also speaks of a remnant of the virus), I was able to talk with my family and to give instructions of what I wanted to do with my son, who will take care of my child, how responsible, how it should be your education, what was my will,” he said.

He added that there were moments in which he felt that “I could not be and it is there when you need to talk.”

Garcia also said that life had changed radically by the covid-19, a disease that is acquired on a trip to Spain, where he was visiting his family. Was diagnosed after arriving to Mexico, where he resides.

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