Demi Lovato disowned by criticising the networks to Selena Gomez and Nicky Minaj


The controversy generated by the alleged parallel account, has made fans arremetan against Lovato through the up # DemiIsOverParty.

It all started when it was discovered in Instagram an alleged parallel account of the singer Demi Lovato.

But the criticism came not by the parallel account, but what there is found. Alleged criticism against Selena Gomez and Nicky Minaj.

This made the fans of Gomez and Minaj attack Lovato “cancelling” your career in the social networks.

With respect to this, the actress also expressed in an interview with Jameela Jamil:

“I have canceled so many times that not even I can tell… The hashtag #DemiIsOverParty, all of that, it no longer affects me, simply is not real”.

The interview ended with a Demi increpando people to practice forgiveness in real life and on social networks, which led to the viewers and people who follow this altercation to take for granted the guilt of the singer in the comments to Selena Gomez and Nicky Minaj.