Disney: is Johnny Depp’s return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?


Pirates of the Caribbean 6it is a film that Disney I would be more than determined to make, only that in previous news mentioned nothing of a return of the actor Johnny Depp again as the main character “Jack Sparrow”. On the contrary, it spoke of a woman with the lead role and the actress Karen Gillan as the chosen one.

Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6

According to reports Dis Insider, the sixth movie of Pirates of the Caribbean yes you would have to Jack Sparrow back to his character, but with much less screen time and a focus to Karen Gillan. In other words, it would be one or several cameos with original characters of the saga, this without taking into account the scandal of Depp with his ex-wife Amber Heard. What, then yes it will be Jack Sparrow?

Although there is nothing confirmed by Disney, there is no doubt that Johnny Depp has shown his support for his participation in the great adventure of pirates is still in effect. Already at the beginning, due to the scandals by domestic violence with his ex-wife, his image was damaged and caused its output in several productions.

Disney: is Johnny Depp's return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

Disney: is Johnny Depp’s return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

The new Pirates of the Caribbean 6

The medium also said that Disney plans to follow the strategy of the franchise film “Transformers”, with his reboot “Bumblebee” within the same universe that the Autobots; the former being more of a prequel to the events of her first film in 2007 and directed by Michael Bay.

In 2018, the screenwriter Stuart Beattie, who planned to take over Pirates of the Caribbean, included little or almost nothing of Jack Sparrow in the story. Then came Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick in 2019, but also abandoned the project. What stopped us in the 2020 with Craig Mazin (screenwriter of the HBO series “Chernobyl”) by signing up for Disney. Do you think you have more vision with Jack Sparrow?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

With information of the means of Glamour, we make mention of the embarrassing time who lived Warner Bros with his film, “Fantastic beasts”, which is part of the universe of Harry Potter. Since Johnny Depp played an important role in the film and in the middle of a legal battle with Amber Heard; who had sued for domestic violence.

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Currently, the story is quite the opposite, as they discovered a number of audios, where the same ex-wife and actress in the movie of Aquaman, “admitted” crush Johnny Depp. The controversy continues, but the entire perspective to be had with the actor has changed and little by little, it has cleaned up its reputation. When do you going to be all over?