Disney preps live action Atlantis: The lost empire


Then you jumped several Disney movies in live action, it is the turn of one of the most anticipated Atlantis: The lost empire.

This film was released 19 years ago, in 2001, and since then on several occasions since it started to do it remakes in live action have requested that it be made the of this film.

Disney contiúa with their premieres remakes in live action films which were all a success, have already been several that have been released as the Lion King, Aladín and Mulan.

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If you saw the movie you will remember the stunning landscapes where they developed for what is sure to be a challenge for the team handle it well they will have to be more similar to those of the film.

Written by someone who actually made Tarzan and The hunchback of Notre Dame Tab Murphy and Joss Whedon that took care of The Avengers and Buffy vampire slayer, is considered the first science–fiction film of Disney.

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Inspired by the work of jules Verne, deals with a mixture of science fiction with the action and adventure of the classic company, but above all, something of magic that is characteristic of DIsney.

Everything seems to indicate that it will be launched in 2021twenty years after its first premiere, if you don’t know this film that is already considered one of the classics of Disney runs in to see her.

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The story is based on a mapper that you want to find the lost city of Atlantis that sank ne of the oceans hundreds of years ago, the young adventure with a whole computer inside of a submarine guided by the book of his grandfather, you will end up finding something more than just a city.

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Although it is not know more data about the possible actors, director or producer of insurance as soon as you know the news fans of the film of 19 years ago will be very excited.

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