FAMOUS – They are harassed: Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and other stars suffer fear by crazy fanatics


Los fans are the vital engine of the artists. They are doing everything possible to demonstrate to your liking. Go to their concerts, follow them on social networks and to become absorbed in fights fiercest to defend them, but some are not satisfied with this and come to the end, to harass them or even dare to pass the limits of privacy, by going to their houses, which is truly chilling.

Billie Eilish, 18 years of age, is the most recent one being harassed. The famous singer spent a time pretty unpleasant last Monday, when a young man appeared on the porch of their home asking if there lived the young Grammy award-winning.

His parents quickly reacted and explained to the young woman who had the wrong house. However, Prenell Rousseau, 24 years of age are not stopped in their attempt to achieve a rapprochement with the pop star, returning at night to roam about.

Immediately called the police, but as they came the agents Rousseau was waiting at the porch, despite the fact that he had been asked out several times.

According to the version of the singer and her family, Rousseau went seven times in total to the house, five of which she was not wearing the mask that the authorities require to prevent spread of the coronavirus. On the other two occasions, yes he was wearing a mask but took it off to speak with members of the security.

This forced the singer to act in a legal way and put a restraining order on the young man, who must stay more than 182 metres of the singer and of their parents and should stop any kind of contact with them.

Madonna is another who has witnessed several acts of madness by his fans.The interpreter of “La isla Bonita” in 1995 you had to deal with the constant harassment of Robert Hoskins, a fan crazy that besieged and threatened to cut his neck if you are not married with him. Hoskins was caught when he tried to enter the house of the singer, luckily she was not in the residence, his manager called the police and the bodyguard of Madonna, he was shot, Robert was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Ariana Grande also suffered a experience unwanted when one of their fans came into their house last march. Fidel Henriquez came up to the house of Ariana, chasing a truck full of packages, when you arrive call the bell several times, but nobody answered.

He was arrested by the police for burglary and violence against the authorities. The young man left a backpack where they found notes in which he expressed what were the intentions with the young woman: I wanted to kill her.

The interpreter of “Dangerous Woman” has filed a lawsuit, and the individual may not be less than 100 metres of her or his family or have any kind of contact until 2025.

The mother of the american artist, Joan Grande, confessed in the court that is afraid for the life of both, ensuring that suffers from emotional stress after what happened.



Taylor Swift has also been at least two times per dangerous situations with fans. Events like were Rihanna, Miley Cirys and Selena Gomez, among others.