For pure pleasure, Yuri will go to the reggaeton


The singer jarocha premiered ‘All year round’, a topic that ventures into the genre of urban

Fans of Yuri, calm down, don’t panic. Before you crucify the singer jarocha by singing reggaeton, they should know that they changed gender, which is not intended to leave the ballads and pop and neither is going to the urban music.

“I went to the urban music, but not for always,” said the artist during a video conference. “Relax, I’m still singing my baladones, my songs of love, of heartbreak, of cortavenas, that’s mine.”

The surprise is not for less. Yuri, a singer and 56-year-old, who in a career of almost four decades has accumulated many successes romantics, has just released “All year round”, a song with hints of pop and reggaeton, in the accompanying Nío Garcia, a puerto rican singer considered one of the pioneers of the movement reguetonero on the island.

For this material Yuri not improvised. Before delving into the popular genre –as heard as repudiated by the millions in the world– advised, studied the major of this movement –Karol G, Becky G, Nati Natasha– and then took his own path.

“I took the mid-point,” he said. “Because reggaeton has two sides, the side ‘light’, that was the one I chose, and the stronger side, the sexual side, in which the songs are more explicit, that is a bit more daring, in that the reggaeton is pure movement of pomp, you don’t see nearly the reguetonero”.

And also did it for pure pleasure, because it is Yuri, and because at this point in your life there is nothing to prevent it.

“I like to get out once in a while of my comfort zone and do something fun,” he said. “I I do this for fun, for pleasure, because it is fashionable, but not because I’m going to be there as well as other pop”.

To see how well it does, there is that see the video clip of veracruz, in February he traveled with his production team to Havana to record it at the side dancers of the island and of Garcia. In addition to fantastic scenarios in various locations that she chose, the artist is transformed in several occasions with the help of colorful and elaborate costumes and wigs.

“The video have everything in place,” he said. “With respect to gender, urban, because any genre that one is goal one has to do it well, with a lot of respect and good care to not look as a disguise”.

But while it’s true that your video does not reach the point extremely sexual which is critical to this genre, what is true is that Yuri had the luxury of wearing outfits that revealed her well toned and slender figure.

“[En el video] I am sexy, pretty, elegant, as it should be,” he said. “Because a lady of my age either can walk with the ‘nachas’ from outside by a lot of that has hot body and a lot of that is slim; I’m not in that channel already, that’s what I lived and I did very well. Had a good time and now have fun.”

By now, Yuri is still detained in his house in Mexico City and hopes to resume his tour “Juntitas” next Pandora as soon as you drag the contingency by the covid-19. After will tour theatres in the world with only her ballads, so as to convince their followers that Yuri remains the same, despite of her stage reguetonera.

Yuri had to interrupt his tour Juntitas with Pandora due to the contingency. Photo: Sony Music