Hackers tremble to Lady Gaga, Madonna and other celebrities more


The lawyer Allen Grubman is one of the most prestigious Hollywood by bringing big names in the show world as Lady Gaga, Elton Johnor Barbara Streisand. Now your law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks has been hacked by a hacker, which they claim 21 million to not reveal personal details of their customers.

The hackers claim that they have in their power to 756 gigabytes of data, including contracts and personal e-mails, and as evidence to threaten the office have been disseminated through social networks the capture of an alleged contract that belongs to Madonna.

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According to the international media, the FBI I would be investigating the occurred, while both the law firm ensures that you have already been warned of what happened to their famous customers.

In a statement, from the official Grubman confirmed: “we Can confirm that we have been victims of a cyber attack. We have notified our customers and our staff. We’ve hired the world’s experts who specialize in this area, and we are working 24 hours to address these issues”, sentenced.

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Among some of the customers most well-known of the firm, apart from those mentioned above, include names such as Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, Lil Nas X The Weeknd, U2, Drake, besides Priyanka Chopra, Robert De Niro and Sofia Vergara or athletes LeBron James and Mike Tyson. What will their secrets to the light?