“I’ve done all the character of an intense film in Spanish”


Never statue Juan Diego Botto (Buenos Aires, 1975) sheet of a film of superhroes, but what has happened at large in the project ‘Suicide Squad 2’

madrid – After having played “all the intense Spanish cinema”, Juan Diego Botto she has just finished shooting the superhero movie Suicide Squad 2 and is on the verge of the premiere of the new series of Álex Pina, White lines. Co-production between the Spanish Vancouver Media (The house of paper), and the british Left Bank Pictures (The Crown), White lines arrives tomorrow on Netflix. It is a thriller set in Ibiza, that starts with the appearance of the corpse of a DJ English that took 20 years disappeared. Who was the protagonist in the 90s of films that marked time as Stories from the Kronen or Martin Hache, gives life in this series to one of the main characters, Oriol Calafat, member of a family of tycoons who control the night and the entertainment on the island.

How it has affected you personally and professionally this health crisis, and the confinement?

–I am well and my family is well, that is what is most important. Occupationally I have everything in the air. In September he was wearing a text on Lorca directed by Peris Mencheta in the Spanish Theatre, and now we don’t know well, and in November he planned to run my first long and now you may or may not.

What is it about that film?

–It is a story that took a lot of years trying to lift, it’s been almost seven years since the first version. Produced by Morena Films and is a social thriller about the crisis, the previous.

Are the followers of The house of paper you will find in White lines the seal of Álex Pina?

–Without a doubt. It is a risky proposition, very rock and roll, a thriller that leaves you stuck in the armchair at the end of each chapter, with a lot of strength in the plot, the characters go through roller coasters spectacular, the series has no rest.

What are your main ingredients?

–We have so much of everything: sex, drama, melodrama, comedy, melancholy, music. When I read the scripts I thought that there were sequences really good but I was wondering if you could put together so many flavors. Does nutella, paella and caviar? Uf… But when I saw the first five chapters I took off the hat. Alex is like one of these wizards of the kitchen proposes you a salad of nitrogen and hits you, but then the tests and it is spectacular, it works very well.

His character in the series belongs to a family of entrepreneurs in the leisure of the islands. Have you been inspired by any member of the Matutes family to create it?

–Neither confirm nor desmiento that at some time they were a benchmark of moguls ibiza. It is a family which are supposed to be the great masters of the night, and the leisure of the island, and that has its business implications of legal and not so legal…

What other references have you had?

–My character is a kid that is completely marked by her relationship with her family. On the one hand has a relationship to oedipal with his mother (Belén López) and on the other hand feel that what you do will never be at the height of the affection of his father. All that does is motivated to receive that pat on the shoulder that never comes. A character is suffering, that is to stand up and fit in shoes that are too big for him.

Attention is called to the choice of Belén López, only 5 years older than you, to interpret to her mother.

–The series is set in two times, the present and 20 years before. To most of us, youth, we interpret other actors, but in the case of Bethlehem, it also makes the character a young man. Lent itself to it, is a very attractive woman that you believe in the 90’s, and with reinforcement of makeup you think being my mother.

Netflix had problems with the local authorities with a previous production by the depiction of Ibiza. Can it happen again?

–I doubt it. Almost everything we shot in Mallorca and I think that on the contrary it is a good promotion of both Ibiza and Majorca, they come out beautiful places and it conveys the idea that they are the best parties in the world, beyond there frame of drugs, typical of the crime that fall within the fiction. The island functions as a metaphor, a sort of Ithaca idealized to the one that the characters wanted to go and they want to return.

A few years ago he premiered his first series in the united States, ‘Good conduct’. What was it that opened the doors to fichara James Gunn for ‘Suicide Squad 2’?

–One never knows what will open doors and I don’t think projects like keys that open doors to larger. I very much enjoyed this series, getting to know your creator and Michelle Dockery, an excellent actress who was starring in Downton Abbey. I spent three years living in the united States and was very rewarding personally and professionally.

And how has been the experience in ‘Suicide Squad 2’?

–It has been a great experience, I had never participated in a film so immense, with a budget giant, so meticulous and neat. This is the first time that I have the feeling to be in another league.

Can you advance something of your character?

–I can not, but I really enjoyed it. James Gunn is a type enormously creative, fun, generous, and very careful. What I had was almost all with Margot Robbie who was also very generous. And I have never worked with green screens and monsters and moves of those. I’ve done all the intense Spanish film I thought that you might really enjoy making movies of superheroes.

“In November I had planned to run my first long, a social thriller on the previous crisis, and now I don’t know if I can do it…”

“The production of ‘Suicide squad 2’ has been so immense, meticulous and neat… for the first time I’ve ever felt in another league”