Jennifer Lawrence suffers the assault of a bully in your own home


Many of the actors most renowned of the Hollywood film industry suffer the consequences most unfortunate of fame. The last who has lived in her own meats has been the american actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has suffered an unfortunate episode in his own home.

The fan took advantage of that the door was open

The protagonist of The hunger games and winning an Oscar, she enjoyed the company of her husband, Cooke Maroney, in his home in California when suddenly a stalker sneaks in their own garden. Both, he immediately became defensive stunned by how he had managed to sneak in his own abode.

The young man entered the house by the main door, taking advantage of a moment in which was not closed. At her 23 years, attempted to meet which seems to be his favorite actress of Hollywood, even if not guessed right with the forms. This seemed think the police, because the young man ended up being arrested.

The bodyguard managed to reduce it

Thanks to the bodyguard that both Jennifer Lawrence as Cooke Maroney have hired, this unfortunate episode was simply an anecdote. Many media echoed the news, produced in the residence with the actress in Beverly Hills and that is acquired for a value of around eight million euros.

Sure Jennifer Lawrence will give more importance the next time the security in your home because, some american media report that the intruder came to stand face to face with the actress moments before the authorities people to take the young preyaccusing her of this way of a offense of burglary.

The actress, one of the most followed on social networks, it could be said that we will not get caught by surprise like episodes with their respective fans, and that is that a few months ago suffered one very similar at Kentucky, his hometown.